Friday, February 27, 2015

Instant Ancestors

I came across a binder with many old photographs at an estate sale, and am slowly adding them to my vintage shop. Here's a few that I really, really like:

Check out more instant ancestors here

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Sharing an owl piece I worked on this week, using old ledger paper, handmade paper and an owl from a large decorative paper from Italy. All blended together with natural beeswax. (I love working with beeswax!)
This shows the layers a bit... you can see the ledger paper behind the owl. I "framed" the owl with the handmade paper.

At first I thought I was done. Now I'm thinking it might need something else... the edges seem too sharp. Hmmm... What do you think?

Sharing with Paint Party Friday, hosted by Eva and Kristin. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Reflections - Mallards

Took advantage of a recent sunny day and went for a walk at Scudder Pond. 
 This is a Mallard Duck pair caught with the rippled reflection of the spent cattails on the water. 
(female is preening in foreground right - she ducked her head just as I shot).

This shot is just prior to the one above... they don't hold still and wait for the silly human trying to take photos. :) 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Translucent Layers

Wednesday I taught a demo at Stampadoodle and the Paper Cafe on Translucent Layers. My favorite translucent layers are created with beeswax. It melds things so well!
Here are some of the results taken immediately after the demo. These are in the display case at Stampadoodle, if you're local and want to check them out. 
Final demo piece with 1897 ledger page and Owl image, melded with beeswax

Demo piece made with a stamped on script background (Stazon ink) and paper towel! My son had these in his kitchen so I borrowed a few to play with.

Showing the difference between muting old text pages with a light coating of off white acrylic paoint. You can see the text, but it doesn' overpower a piece like the one on top. That's Grandpa George at his high school graduation 1912-ish.

It was great fun, and of course I ran out of time. Perhaps I'll teach a class on this sometime soon.

Sharing with the artists at Paint Party Friday, hosted by Eva and Kristin.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What's in my Studio... Translucent Layers

Working on a demo I'm teaching tomorrow at Stampadoodle and the Paper Cafe . What you see are beginning "translucent layers"...
The hearts are beeswax coated music pages, cut using my Big Kick. The yellowish page is a text page coated with beeswax. There are playing cards with dictionary pages glued on to demo the different between gel medium and beeswax, and a dictionary page on heavy art paper with a coat of warm white acrylic paint to muffle the text.  You can also see the beeswax hunk on the plate I use to keep it from dripping on the table.

I promise to show more after the demo tomorrow, but don't want to give everything away. :)

And on another note, I could not resist this "reflection" shot, next to a trail that is most likely a bit drier when it hasn't been raining for several days. :) The word play will probably make sense to those in the USA. Here's a hint for those who are not.

Happy Hump Day!

Sharing with Julia at What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 
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